For over 100 years, ReachGlobal has served as a respected mission-sending agency in the world. Thousands of faithful men and women have devoted their lives to the Great Commission while serving for decades in various fields around the globe. Yet, as time has passed, the average age of our missionaries has steadily increased, and in the next five years nearly one-third of ReachGlobal’s staff will retire. 

To help us continue investing in disciplemakers to establish the Church where the gospel isn’t known, we are actively recruiting, training and sending out the next generation of missionaries. 

Missionaries like Emily Sears. God called Emily to missions at the age of 16 during the 2016 Challenge Conference, the biennial national youth conference of the EFCA. Years later, when she discovered a position at a school for missionary kids in Germany, she immediately felt called to serve. She partnered with the EFCA to pursue the role, where missionary training helped her realize that she was in the right place. Since then, she has spent the last six years in Berlin with a heart to reach the next generation of Berliners with the gospel. 

Not only will new missionaries continue to serve in established ministry contexts, but new fields are also opening around the globe and opportunities for strategic expansion abound. A new initiative in Taiwan, birthed out of a collaborative effort of multiple Free Church denominations, is mobilizing a team of missionaries to serve where less than 4% of the population knows Jesus. God is even opening doors for missionaries in domestic contexts. ReachGlobal is pursuing a collaborative effort with ReachNetwork and district representatives in San Francisco, a truly post-Christian region in the United States.  

Support the team dedicated to recruit, train, onboard and assist 150 new missionary staff over the next three years as they enter the journey into full-time ministry by investing $425,000 annually.


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