In 2013, Typhoon Yolanda had a devastating impact on people’s lives, the community and infrastructure of the central Philippines, but also impacted the kingdom vision and thinking of key church leaders in the affected region. Since then, ReachGlobal Crisis Response has partnered with the Evangelical Free Church of the Philippines (EFCP) to see a movement of church multiplication and community development. More than 30 churches have been planted amid the recovery and ongoing development efforts.   

In 2015, a church planting cohort was started, meeting twice a year for coaching, encouragement and equipping. Today, almost 50 church planters and pastors regularly attend to see the EFCP's vision of planting 200 churches by 2026 become a reality.

Each new crisis in the Philippines provides a chance to strengthen local churches and opens doors for further partnership. Over the years, ReachGlobal Crisis Response has continued this partnership with the EFCP after Typhoon Ruby in 2014, Typhoon Phanfone in 2019 and most recently Typhoon Odette in 2021.

In 2023, we recognized an opportunity to collaborate with the EFCP and GlobalFingerprints, the EFCA’s child sponsorship program. The EFCP and GlobalFingerprints have had child sponsorship opportunities in Manila for several years, but now will also be working with our church planting partners in Eastern Samar to support church planting efforts and transform the lives of vulnerable children. Church planters in that region have been investing in children’s literacy outreach and other kids’ ministries as an avenue of building community relationships, and prayerfully this partnership will take that to the next level. With almost a third of the nation under the age of 15, the need for intentional investment in the next generation will be foundational for the future of the church.

Pray for...

  • A team of leaders who can invest in the next generation of pastors and church planters to keep a culture of multiplication growing across the Philippines
  • The development of new GlobalFingerprints sites equip the local churches to transform the lives of vulnerable children
  • Healthy and sustainable relationships with pastors and church planters who recognize that each crisis creates a new mission field and ministry opportunities


As we continue our long-term partnerships, we are asking for your prayers and financial generosity to provide relief, recovery and development for ministry partners on the ground in the Philippines. You can give online or mail a check designated Philippines Typhoon Response - 39412 to:

901 East 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55420-1300
A group of people gathered in a room with white walls and red ceiling beams
ReachGlobal Crisis Response director Mark Lewis meeting with leaders in the Philippines
A group of children in a small open-air room sitting in white plastic chairs
A group of children being taught in the Philippines
Two men standing talking to two women sitting, outside a house with tin walls
Door-to-door evangelism in Eastern Samar.

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