In a world where convictions ebb and flow like ocean tides, we remain grounded in the transformational wisdom and powerful truths of God’s Word. The world needs sound teaching on the essential doctrines of Christianity. As a denomination, we pursue doctrinal fidelity, and we encourage pastors and ministry leaders to obtain a ministry credential through the EFCA in order to maintain high standards of theological faithfulness. 

To that end, we also encourage, affirm and equip ministry leaders in our movement through the annual EFCA Theology Conference. This gathering provides face-to-face interaction with premier evangelical scholars, theologians, historians and pastors. However, some find attendance challenging due to limitations of time and financial resources. That’s why we intend to bring the conference to them. 

Pastors and church leaders around the country look to biblical scholars and trusted subject matter experts as they seek to make disciples and love their neighbors in an ever-changing world. By leveraging technology, we can expand the depth and breadth of the EFCA Theology Conference to more effectively serve and equip EFCA pastors and the larger evangelical world. 

But pastors need more than just theological training. The last few years have taken a toll. From the pandemic and polarization, to significant economic strains and more, EFCA pastors have an increased need for support. 

Healthy churches have healthy leaders. That is why the EFCA is committed to working alongside district leadership to establish a pastoral care position at the national office. Not only will this role provide immediate support for pastors in need, they will also supply the Executive Director of Theology and Credentialing with strategic bandwidth to produce impactful resources for church leaders.  

From podcasts to live-streamed webinars, this position will help provide practical and culturally relevant content that encourages and empowers EFCA pastors.  

By investing $150,000 annually, you will provide the resources to staff the pastoral care position and expand access to practical resources for pastors.  

A comprehensive understanding of biblical truth provides a compass to guide pastors and church leaders as they navigate these days of ministry.

Your investment will provide valuable resources for the EFCA’s 2,500 credentialed leaders and many other local church ministry practitioners.


As an ECFA member, the Evangelical Free Church of America holds to high standards of accountability with respect to governance, financial management and stewardship/­fundraising practices.