For decades, churches and ministries have grown increasingly dependent on web-based tools to make ministry possible. The EFCA’s constituents now expect to be offered first-class tools to engage the mission. That is why the EFCA national office is preparing to grow in its effectiveness and efficiencies through web-based applications. 

Donor Portal 

Those who financially support the mission and ministries of the EFCA have long shared their desire to personally manage their contributions and personal information. Their call has been heard, and the process of creating a powerful donor hub is underway. This tool will allow donors to manage their account information, change recurring gifts, download giving statements and more, freeing the EFCA’s donor services team to increase the quality of customer service they provide other constituents. 

Credentialing Application 

Leaders from Theology and Credentialing see strategic value in expanding the pathway to ministry credentials for ministry staff in EFCA churches. These credentials help the EFCA maintain doctrinal fidelity while also providing significant value for pastors. Yet, the process for obtaining a ministry credential is cumbersome, confusing and outdated. 

In an effort to move from reliance on PDFs and Word documents, the EFCA is creating a web-based platform where candidates can create an account and complete the necessary steps to obtain their ministry credential. In addition, this tool is an expression of the national office’s value of collaborative work, as it helps autonomous districts fulfill their specific requirements in the credentialing process. We pray that 500 leaders will obtain their ministry credential through this platform in the next two years. 

Events and Registration 

In an effort to provide excellent service to church leaders, we’re investing in a new registration platform for major events. For too long, the EFCA has relied on inadequate third-party services to register groups and individuals for events. These third-party services don’t integrate with the EFCA’s data management systems and require significant management by national office staff. This new platform will allow individuals and groups to utilize an excellent, easy-to-use platform to register for EFCA events in ways that maximizes existing systems. 


The pathway to mobilize the next generation of missionaries with ReachGlobal is in need of a digital upgrade. Recruiting new missionaries is a key emphasis for the EFCA, and we need to make the pathway to the field easier to access. Work on this platform will align with ReachGlobal’s strategic goals to replace retiring missionaries. 

With an investment of 150,000 annually, you will help create pathways that make it easier for EFCA constituents to support the Great Commission.


As an ECFA member, the Evangelical Free Church of America holds to high standards of accountability with respect to governance, financial management and stewardship/­fundraising practices.