EFCA pastors and ministry leaders are essential to the health and effectiveness of our movement. These faithful shepherds selflessly serve churches, districts and national ministries across the country, while also meeting countless needs and lovingly pointing people to Jesus. 

Ministry leadership is demanding. It can be lonely, discouraging, overwhelming and filled with many stressors. Seasons of trial sometimes outnumber seasons of joy. Not only that, many of our pastors serve in churches without any additional ministry staff and very little support, leaving them susceptible to burnout. With that in mind, it isn’t surprising to learn that 250 pastors leave vocational ministry in the U.S. every month for reasons other than retirement.1 

Knowing that pastors and ministry leaders champion the heartbeat of our movement, it is vital that we provide spaces for these faithful shepherds to come together, be encouraged in their calling, affirmed in their convictions and equipped for the present and future days of ministry. 

We’ve found that connecting with peers increases a ministry leader’s ability to thrive rather than just survive. 

That is why we offer Affinity Groups—opportunities to gather based on size of congregation or specific ministry roles. In these groups, pastors and ministry leaders identify with one another’s struggles while also providing wisdom, counsel and encouragement. 

We convene dozens of Affinity Groups and Leadership Teams. The average annual cost of gathering leaders is $7,500 per event. Your partnership will provides for the long-term viability of those who carry out the Great Commission. 

“The relationships I have developed, the insights I have gleaned, and the wisdom of God I have been afforded by gathering with my peers have been immeasurably valuable. Annual meetings have turned into weekly connections. I am the pastor, the leader, and follower of Jesus I have become because of my EFCA Affinity Group. I am so thankful for this ministry to me and our entire pastoral network.” —Matthew St. John, Senior Pastor, New Hope Church, New Hope, MN

With an investment of $150,000 annually, you will provide for the venue cost, meals, administrative and logistical support for all EFCA affinity and leadership gatherings annually.


As an ECFA member, the Evangelical Free Church of America holds to high standards of accountability with respect to governance, financial management and stewardship/­fundraising practices.