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Would you like the chance to multiply your giving and increase the impact of your generosity? Now is the time for you to become a Global Academic Partner.

NOTE: Monthly gifts given to meet a Matching Challenge are welcome. Please enter the monthly amount in the "other" field. You can stop your contribution after one year, or decide to continue your monthly gift. Your monthly support is vital for ensuring our students that they can always use TVS as their resource for ministry training.

  • $264 one-time | $22 mo. — Help TVS recover the costs of providing video lectures.
  • $360 one-time | $30 mo. — Provide a student with 2 courses of study for a full year.
  • $900 one -time | $75 mo. — Provide a student with 5 courses of study for a full year.
  • $1860 one-time | $155 mo. — Support multiple students with ministry preparation.
  • $6,000 one-time | $500 mo. — G.A.P Champion

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